Augusta Leagues Registration


3 Venues for the Augusta League:

  • Montclair
  • West Lake
  • Hammond Hills

Start Date: June 28th


  • 3.0
  • 3.5

League play will be on Wednesday nights at 6pm.

Team cost is $100, that includes 4-10 players.

Any player that’s not a member of GPA, Southern Pickleball, etc, must pay a once a year $15 to become a member, and that covers their insurance for a year.

Matches consist of:

  • 1 Women’s Doubles
  • 1 men’s doubles
  • 1 mixed doubles

Team Maker will be the playoff format

Also, please click here to submit your waiver form. Waivers are required by the venues.

Are you a member of GPA or Southern Pickleball? If not, you can click here to pay a discounted $15 to become a member which covers your insurance for a year. Please use the following coupon code: Augusta

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