Augusta Leagues

3 Venues for the Augusta League:

  • Montclair
  • West Lake
  • Hammond Hills

Start Date: June 28th


  • 3.0
  • 3.5

League play will be on Wednesday nights at 6pm.

Team cost is $100, that includes 4-6 players.

Any player that’s not a member of GPA, Southern Pickleball, etc, must pay a once a year $15 to become a member, and that covers their insurance for a year.

Matches consist of:

  • 1 Women’s Doubles
  • 1 men’s doubles
  • 1 mixed doubles

TeamMaker will be the playoff format.

Click here to register for the Augusta League

Also, please click here to submit your waiver form. Waivers are required by the venues.

Are you a member of GPA or Southern Pickleball? If not, you can click here to pay a discounted $15 to become a member which covers your insurance for a year. Please use the following coupon code: Augusta